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Extreme Shapeshifting Potion Candle


Extreme Shapeshifting Potion Candle

Want to become the most beautiful version of yourself? This Extreme Beauty Shapeshifting potion candle is packed with all the magick you'll need.

Use this potion to:

- Enhance your natural beauty to its maximum potential
- Make you appear radically more attractive to all sexual prospects.
- Give your confidence a major boost causing you to radiate a very sexy vibe
- Develop your sexual charisma and popularity
- Attract fame under the right conditions

Users of this potion candle often report receiving tangible gifts, new love, and wealth as a result of their enhanced beauty. This is a personal favorite of the owner of 7th Witch House. Magick is worked through the demons Asmodeus, Lilith, Beleth, and Gremori.

How to use: Inscribe your own name into back of candle. Place candle in front of you with a mirror present so that the candle is between you and the mirror. Light candle and say this spell one time: "Producat in esse per orbem terrarum omnis pulchritudo in me mones." Let the candle stay lit for 12 minutes while staring at yourself in mirror and imagining yourself becoming the most beautiful version of yourself possible and chanting the name "Lucifer." After 12 minutes, blow out candle and put away for next usage 8 weeks later.

This candle is good for 5 uses!

This potion uses crushed sapphire as well as 24k Gold and pure Silver. This batch is prepared but limited and will sell out quickly.

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