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Gaap Invocation of Discord


Need to break up a couple? Do you have diabolical intentions? Look no further! The Ga’ap Invocation of Discord has arrived to help you not only honor Royal Demon Ga’ap, but to also invoke him (if you choose) to help demonically take on his specialties.

The specialities of Ga’ap include: 

• Make an individual lose concentration, focus or sleep
• Make two people despise each other
• Bring discord or break down a group of people
• Enable an individual to desire you in a sexual manner
• Helps you excel in the field of Philosophy
• Will cause either intense love or hatred to come from an individual
• Can change one’s perception of you
• Able to cause a swift breakup


This invocation will come with a special rage ritual in addition to his invocation piece and invocation ritual. 😈

🔮 Happy Casting 🔮

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