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Ganesh Prosperity Wealth Potion


This potion works as a mixture of a fast luck, magnetism and prosperity potion. If you find that you have opportunities arise, yet you miss them due to fear or bad luck then this is the potion for you!

Users of this amazing handcrafted 24k gold infused potion report feelings of euphoria, positivity, increased luck, wealth, and generosity toward them.

Ganesh is a beloved Deity of The Order and the world who is responsible for prosperity, abundance, happiness and road opening!

If you want to see more opportunities arise and feel an increase in positive and wealth magnetism then this is for you!


  • To activate, carve your name into a gold or green candle. Anoint candle with 6 drops of potion and light for 6 minutes.
  • Afterwards you can wear a drop behind ear ear or inner wrist daily for continuous abundance and prosperity.
  • You can be as creative as you choose with this oil. You can drop a few drops in your shoes, on sigils, on bills or legal documents, in your shampoo, lotions, or anywhere else at your own risk. Our customers like to be extremely creative with our potions.

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