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Geodes and Gems Demonic Offerings Box


Gems and Geodes Demonic Offerings Box!
This is a phenomenally special opportunity to grab 1 of only 15 of our Demonically Charged box offerings for your favorite Demons! 
Each 9 piece box set will contain an arrangement of 7 offerings including Crystals, Geodes, Gemstones, and exotic wood, plus a great custom made pin, and a generous sized Demonic Conduit Spray for greater connection in spell casting!

Each box will have at least:

1 large Amythest Cluster

1 Selenite tower

 2 Brazilian Agate Geode pieces

1 Electroplated crystal clusters

1 Agate Slice

1 piece of exotic Padouk wood

1 custom made pin 

1 bottle of Demonic Conduit Spray

Do not miss out on this phenomenal set at the incredible low price of $75! 
Each of the offering pieces can be used on different Demons! What a great deal 💗💗💗


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