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Gold Digger 2 Potion Candle


 The bestselling potion: “Gold Digger 2” Potion is now available as an extra large 10 ounce, 3 wick, multi-use potion candle!!!!

This potion candle is the perfect formulation of Midas, Sex siren, and a Magickal Herb Blend dedicated to Demons: Lilith, Gremori and Eros that will help to leave your targets falling over themselves to finance your life.

If you are in a line of work or simply desire to live a life of luxury that counts on the generosity of others based on attraction.....then this is your potion.

This potion candle is packed with the most sacred cold pressed herbs, pheromones, 24k Gold, pure Copper, and our Silver.

This is for both men and women sugars, workers, models and actors alike to have the competition wiped off the map, and to steal the hearts and eyes of their benefactors.

This can also get be used by anyone who wants someone special to be more generous. 

Excellent for use online to find the wealthiest and most generous clients in abundance!


• This candle was especially made so that you only need to light the three wicks for a total of 12 minutes and focus while speaking your intention into the flames. You will then remain staring at flames for 12 minutes to get this masterpiece potion to work on all potential targets. 

• Or you can light the three wicks of the candle for 6 minutes and speak your targets name while focusing your intention on the flames to make only a specific target be generous. 

• This is to be used as needed and can be relit prior to a sexual engagement as a boost.

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