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Hair Growth Regeneration Potion


 Elite line top Regeneration Potion for extreme hair growth, and corrective for pattern baldness. One can expect around one inch extra of growth per 2 months than what is considered normal for your hair type. One may also see “baby hairs” or new growth in places that were originally beginning to bald within 4-6 weeks. Full growth beginning in places of baldness or thinning will take on average 10-12 weeks. 

This potion was highly tested and experimented with on multiple subjects for over a year. This product was experimented with against placebos and performed at an astonishing rate of success in double blind experiments. *Results/Statements are not yet backed by FDA and usage is at 100% your own risk. 

***However results have been astonishing across the board. 


2 ways to use: 

Usage #1:  Drop 12 drops of Hair growth regeneration potion into a spray bottle of your choosing and mix with one cup of warm distilled water. 

You will keep adding respective potion drops and distilled water cups until bottle is filled to your desire. 

You will then shake well and spray 1-3 sprays per day onto damp or dry hair right at scalp. Massage into scalp and hair roots and style as usual. 

Usage #2 You may use 1-3 drops daily directly onto palms and then massage into scalp at areas of baldness and/or slow hair growth. 

If you have a nut allergy or experience irritation, discontinue use. Use at own risk. The Order and 7th Witch House are not legally responsible for results of potion. Although extremely uncommon, overgrowth is possible, but easily maintainable through hair cutting maintenance.

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