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Hate Your Happiness


Hate Your Happiness Hex is a Diamond Line Hex of the harshest variety. This Potion is bound to Belial, Valac and Ixchel.
Most of what we do in life is with the goal of finding peace or especially happiness. 
This potion can destroy ones ability to ever be truly happy and to constantly feel empty and void. The target will feel looming loneliness, anxiety, and emptiness especially in the happiest of occasions. This will leave your target constantly feeling like themselves, their achievements, their partners and their surroundings are never enough and never worth feeling joy. 
This potion is irreversible and nothing to play with. 

There are only 10 made, and each special edition bottle is encrusted with Swarovski Crystals. 

Buyer is responsible for all outcomes, all choices, and anything regarding this potion after purchase. There is no returns, kick backs, or reversals. Never use this without gloves.

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