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Hecate Lunar Banishing Candle


The Hecate Lunar Banishing Candle is an enchanting demonic moon-shaped potion candle, designed specifically for those seeking the divine protection and banishing power of Hecate, a Royal Demoness of demonic magick, that is known for her mastery in shadow work, necromancy, banishment, transformation, and road opening.

This powerful triple diamond demonic potion candle made from the highest high-quality ingredients, and meticulously handcrafted, and bound to Hecate herself. The potion candle's intricate detailing manifests the powerful and protective mystique of Hecate. When lit in conjunction with performing the included full moon ritual, this potion candle effectively reveals and removes all negative energies, people, and situations from your life.

This candle carries the fragrance of cypress, a tree sacred to Hecate, protective demonic herbs, and palo santo, filling your ritual space with a power to banish all unwanted parasites from your life. 

This beautiful candle is your ideal companion for the next full moon!

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