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Hecate Oracle Divination Trio

¥79,200 ¥237,600

Hecate Oracle Trio

Ready to Divinate?

Use our Luxurious frosted black bourbon 10 oz Oracle Candles, Pendulum, and Oracle ritual bound to Hecate to give you answers related to your past, present, and future.

All three candles contain over 30 hours of burn time each. All three candles come with their own ritual and instructions to give you the answers you seek.  

You may also incorporate these Oracle Candles and Rituals with your personal and professional Tarot readings. 
These candles will provide the clarity, connection, and accuracy you need to become the best of the best in divination! 

Set comes with: 

• Hecate Oracle Past 10oz Candle

•  Hecate Oracle Present 10oz Candle

•  Hecate Oracle Future 10oz Candle

• Pendulum

• Demonic Oracle Matches 

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