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High Roller Wealth Potion


This Elite line potion is specifically for Sex Workers, Sugar Babies, or anyone seeking a quick encounter in exchange for generosity. This supercharged Gremori and Lilith bound potion will put your profile or selection process among the top millionaires searching, and whom are big spenders and serious about supporting you.

There are so many out there who will waste your time and attempt to underpay you or get things for free. The last thing you want to do in this industry is waste your time. Time is money. It is better to have less clients that spend more. This will also bring gentlemen/women who are clean and disease/abuse free. This industry can be very luxury dangerous and protecting yourself is so necessary. 

You can also use this as an extreme form of the life of luxury or gold digger potion, but understand that the people brought in your life through this potion may be extremely attracted to you and/or intend on an eventual sexual relationship with you. 

This potion will bring you no nonsense clients while also protecting you and will help ensure safe encounters with pleasant benefactors who are serious and not into playing games or wasting time. This is a grand investment in your future, comfort and safety.


On a red chime candle, write "benefactor" on the side. On the other side Carve the amount of money you wish from each encounter. "Aim very high, but within reason based on what you are able to offer/sexual talents."  Example: (No one will pay 5000 to f$#k someone who lays there like a couch.)

Drop 12 drops of this potion onto wick. Light candle. Stare into the flame the entire time and imagine yourself lavished with gifts and money. Say " Lilith " three times. 

After 12 minutes blow out candle and discard candle in trash. This should be done weekly on a Friday or Tuesday evening until your wealthy benefactor arrives in your life.

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