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Ptah Invocation of Manifestation


In ancient Egypt, beginning with the first dynasty onwards, Ptah was known as the chief deity of the ancient city of Memphis/Men-nefer/ⲙⲉⲙϥⲓ. He was worshiped as the creator of all things (giving life/action from thought.)

Ptah was an incredibly important Visionary and the patron of various crafts, such as sculpting and metalworking. His symbol is the ankh. 

Ptah was the oracle between Pharoah and the whole of Legion, and showed each pharoah the secret art of foresight and magick of manifestation so that he or she could properly lead and govern the people in accordance with the will of Legion.  

Memphis is 12 miles south of Giza, and the worship of Ptah united upper and lower Egypt, and spread throughout the country. 

Ptah is the husband of Sekhmet and the Father of Nefertum. Ptah was entrusted by Lucifer to help guide and protect the human rotations of The 7th that were existent in those dynasties. Ptah would do this by guiding the Pharoahs and through manifestation. Ptah was granted the exceptional ability of dramatic and immediate  manifestation through Lucifer to protect the 7th and the “old magick.”

Sekhmet was immediate priestess and guide to the 7th in whatever form she took. Wherever she was, Ptah was near. Ptah lead the pharoahs and showed them how to think of something in your mind, and implement it into action through others.

He was of most importance in keeping the balance, stability, harmony, and innovation during the chaos of change in Egypt.

Egypt was a “Demonic” Sanctuary, otherwise known as the “Valley of the Gods.”

Egypt also got its name through Ptah. The English word “Egypt” comes from the Greek Aἴγυπτoς (Aigyptos.) This word derives from the Middle Egyptian word “ḥwt-ka-ptah,” meaning “House of the Soul of Ptah.” Ptah is an aspect of Thoth and is written in history as a “double being.” 

In this invocation you will get to enjoy and appreciate the gifts and abilities of Ptah which include: 

1. Manifestation 

2. Foresight

3. Strength

4. Unyielding Motivation

5. Leadership 

6. Being a Visionary

7. Extreme Wealth 

8. Excessive Confidence 

9. Stability

10. Extreme Intelligence 

11. Creation of Empires

Anyone with enough foresight and intelligence to quickly partake in this invocation is truly lucky and blessed. 

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