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Lakshmi Invocation of Luxury



😔Does circumstance hold you back from achieving a life of luxury? Barrel through anything holding you back from wealth, beauty and wealth with this Invocation of Lakshmi! 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

For the first and only time ever, 25 Lakshmi invocation pieces are being released.
Lakshmi is the one of the most anticipated releases of the year and is a large part of highly sought after potions such as Life of Luxury, High Roller, Gold Digger, and Original Wealth.

Lakshmi is a highly desired member of the Intermediary Legion and has been celebrated over history as a goddess in various forms.  Lakshmi is a Goddess of Luxury, beauty, wealth, energy, and financial security. Lakshmi is beautiful, graceful, powerful, and will breath life and creative energy into you during invocation. Lakshmi can also bring incredible luck to your life. 


This is a 7 day renewable invocation and is beyond rare. Do not miss this one if you value luck, wealth, beauty, and luxury. 

You will break you self sabotaging tendencies and dry spells of non-creativity and isolation. You will attract the right people, the right attention, and opportunities of grand wealth.
You will receive Lakshmi’s spell of invocation to be used with this necklace.
This are made with Iridescent Swarovski Crystal and White Gold plated Sterling Silver.

Necklace Type: White Gold and Iridescent Swarovski Crystal
Main Stone: Iridescent multi-colored Swarovski Crystal
Side Stones: Pink Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver, White Gold
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 2 carats
****Only the Silver/White Gold with Iridescent Swarovski Crystal option is available for this necklace****

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