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Lavish Libations


Extremely Limited Launch! 

Lavish Libations. 

The primary effect of the Lavish Libation Demonic Potion is to heavily influence the user's target to treat them with utmost respect, deference, and adoration, as if they were royalty. The target, influenced by both Tyche and Caishen will find themselves beyond compelled to indulge the user's every whim and desire, catering to their every need with no expense spared. The target may even go so far as to provide the user with lavish gifts, extravagant parties, and other decadent indulgences that would be unattainable for most.

In addition to these opulent pleasures, the potion can also compel the target to take the user on luxurious vacations and outings. The target will be eager to plan and execute the most exquisite and exciting trips, making sure that the user experiences the very best that life has to offer without taking on emotional or mental labor in planning and asking. Whether it is a private yacht tour of the Mediterranean, a first-class trip to Tokyo, or a private island getaway, the caster can be sure that the demons will influence their every desire in mind. 

This can be used on all forms of relationships. 

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