The Order

Light in the Darkness Demonic Potion

¥23,800 ¥47,600

The "Light in the Darkness" by 7th Witch House is a powerhouse new clearing potion bound to Lucifer and Osiris, that is designed to refresh and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul for embracing new beginnings after a period of trauma, destruction, stagnation, or frustration.

Key benefits:
• Revitalizes the mind, clearing away past setbacks and focusing on new opportunities.
• Encourages emotional and spiritual healing for the broken, fostering a positive outlook for new ventures.
• Stimulates creativity and openness, essential for exploring new paths.
• Promotes a sense of renewal, instilling optimism for the year ahead by giving your spirit a fresh canvas to work with.
• Strengthens your divinatory abilities, and mental adaptability, crucial for navigating new situations and opportunities.

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