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Lightning in a Bottle Potion


Are you feeling sluggish or low on energy? Do you constantly find yourself wishing for more hours in the day to finish tasks? Do you lack the motivation to finish any goal in its entirety before giving up and attempting something else?

Use the power of Demon Dantelion to put a near instant rush of energy into your day.
This will need to quickly become a daily part of your “witch’s toolbox.” Who doesn’t want to feel like a superhero and tackle everything on their list?

Often times attention disorders and depression can also place a barrier on our motivation to finish our goals, leaving us to stare at the tv all day from the couch. Or even worse it can jeopardize your family’s livelihood and future if you do not do a good or efficient job at work or in duties around the house. This potion can blast through these symptoms and help turn you to into the productive and efficient person you wish to be.

Dantelion is an incredibly powerful high entity that will make your energy soar and your confidence rise while you begin to feel better and more energized than ever before.

This potion uses 24k gold, sacred herbs and blends that are known to highly please Demon Dantelion and gain his favor.


To activate:

Anoint each wrist with a drop of potion, and anoint a white candle with your name carved into it with 9 drops of potion and let the candle burn for 6 minutes while focusing your intent on the flame and imagining yourself “powering up!.” Afterwards blow out candle and dispose of it.

Do this once a month for best results, and you may also apply this oil on your inner wrists, behind each ear or other pulse points on days that you need an energy boost!

*All Spell work is done.

*We recommend using chime candles. Tea light or votive candles will work if this is all that’s available.
We do not promise to include chime candles in orders, but oftentimes we do if several potions have been purchased.

*Buyer is responsible for all outcomes in relation to the potion used. Consuming or wearing potion is done at the buyer’s own risk.

*Our oils are packaged in plain-colored padded envelopes with no mention of the logo or references to Magick. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to message us.

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