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Limited Edition Nyx Inner Glow Beauty Box


The Limited Edition

💝 Nyx Inner Glow Beauty Box 💝

This show-stopping Demonic box set was made to showcase our newest self-love potion: “Nyx Inner Glow” which will give you a burst of confidence, attraction, beauty, and a feeling of happy youthful bubbling charisma. 

This potion will help you feel and radiate joy, beauty, high self-esteem and confidence from the inside out when you see your own reflection as well. 


This incredible kit includes:

Nyx Inner Glow Potion

Nyx Inner Glow Manifestation Beauty Potion Bar

Nyx Inner Glow Crystal Potion Candle

Nyx Inner Glow Self Love Poppet Ritual

Nyx Self Love Poppet

7WH Pink Manifestation Chime Candle

This kit includes the potion, the products, and a personalized demonic ritual to give yourself the most phenomenal inner glow ever! 


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