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Man Box - Hair Growth Regeneration Box


This explosive manly work of art hosts a powerhouse of products that will make any man’s mouth water.

This box boasts top notch badger and bone shaving products, a top of the line silver coated straight edge razor, 3 unstoppable potions for hair growth, hexing and Alpha male confidence, a highly limited Namtaru hex ring for death and physical damage, 2 of the best soaps in our line for confidence and sex, our men’s potion spray bottle and our unstoppable brand new regeneration Dead Sea soak!

This is over $1000 in products for only $300!!!!

 Lucifuge Break a Leg Potion:
To use:
Carve target's name on black candle. Anoint candle with approximately 6 drops of oil. Light candle for 6 minutes. Be careful not to come into contact with any of the curse potions. You are advised to wear gloves in order to prevent accidental contact.

Alpha Male Belial:

To use:
Apply 6 drops on white candle after inscribing your own first and last name into side of chime candle.
Burn for 6 minutes while staring into the flame and while imagining all those who know you beginning to have immense respect and admiration for you.
Discard candle in trash after usage.

Hair Regeneration Potion
- Elite line top Regeneration Potion for extreme hair growth, and corrective for pattern baldness. One can expect around one inch extra of growth per 2 months, than what is considered normal. One may also see “baby hairs” or new growth in places that were originally beginning to bald.
This potion was highly tested and experimented with on multiple subjects for over a year. This product was experimented with against placebos and performed at an astonishing rate of success in double blind experiments. *Statements are not yet backed by FDA and usage is at 100% your own risk.
However results have been astonishing.

To use: 2 ways to use:

1: Mix 12 drops of Hair growth regeneration potion into spray bottle provided in box and mix with one cup of warm distilled water.
You will keep adding respective potion drops and distilled water cups until bottle is filled to your desire.
You will then shake well and spray 1-3 sprays per day onto damp or dry hair right at scalp. Massage into scalp and hair roots.

If you have a nut allergy or experience irritation, discontinue use.

Usage #2 You may use 1-3 drops daily directly onto palms and then massage into scalp at areas of baldness and/or slow hair growth.

Namtaru Ring:
2 ways to use:

1. Wear this ring while hexing to give an extreme boost to all curse work.

2. You may use this as a spell by wearing it while carving the name of your enemy that you wish Namtaru to bring great physical harm to magickally, into the side of a black chime candle.

You will light the wick of the black candle for 6 minutes. Bring your hands together into a praying stance between you and the flame and repeat this spell 3 times: “Atque ut ingressi Namtaru malediceres inimicis mors corporalis nocumenti”

Note* This spell is swift and extreme. Only do this on adults that are truly deserving. Namtaru will decide severity and style of punishment depending on the level to which they deserve.
Non- reversible.
This is for use at your risk.

Regeneration Dead Sea Soak-
For restoring sore muscles and enhancing feelings of vitality and healing. Also can dispel fatigue post hexing.

How to use: Pour 1/4 of jar contents into bath and soak for 20 minutes while imagining yourself being restored physically.
Use only once a week or longer at maximum.

The Order and 7th Witch House is in no form legally responsible for anything you do to another or achieve result regarding this box.

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