The Order

Master Of Your Craft Potion

This top of the line 24k gold and pure silver packed potion will use a combination of four powerful demons to take away the feelings of doubt, fear, and procrastination. They will then replace those negative traits with bursts of confidence, luck, fame, intelligence and direction to make you a visionary and top of your field.

This is great for people opening new businesses, starting new careers, inventors, entertainment artists, teachers, real estate agents, businessmen, social media moguls, celebrities, creators, and more.

This potion can GREATLY boost your income and give you the blitz of energy needed to maximize your potential.
Each batch takes three months to marinate and is in extreme short supply.

This is a top five potion of the order in terms of speed, effectiveness and success.

To use, simply apply 12 drops to a black candle provided and use the special sigil and spell given with potion.

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