The Order

Midas Touch Bath Bomb

Perfect for those who can’t afford Midas just yet!
This amazing organic bath bomb is jam packed with Midas Oil and gives you one dose of Midas! Which is good for about 3 weeks ❤️

Want the gift of wild success and wealth?

Midas was a legend famous for transforming everything he touched into gold and now you can too! This potent oil makes everything you do turn into a success. This is made with a large potion of 24k Gold and this batch is magickally marinated for a month at a time by 7th Witch House. This is used with the strongest wealth spells in our arsenal.

This will also turn you into a financial visionary that makes great investment and financial decisions.
The potion is bound with the demonic powers of Clauneck, Nitika, Valac, Bime, and Mammon.

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