The Order

Midas Touch Extreme Wealth Potion


This beyond incredibly potent oil makes everything you do and every project you are a part of turn into a success. This is made with a large potion of 24k Gold and this batch is magickally marinated for a month at a time within The Order. This is used with the strongest wealth spells of The Order.

This will also turn you into a financial visionary that makes great investment and financial decisions.

This wealth oil is bound with Clauneck, Nitika, Valac, Bime, and Mammon.


Take a gold candle and inscribe your name on it. Coat entire candle in oil and light for 12 minutes.  You will focus your intent into the flame. You may repeat this ritual weekly if needed by adding 6 drops of the oil to a gold candle and lighting it for 6 minutes. 

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