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Midas Touch Wealth Couple Candle Ritual

This spectacular limited edition Midas Touch/love potion golden couple candle is made to be used as a tool for a couple to use in their own magick work to greatly grow the wealth and financial harmony of a couple.

7th Witch House makes the absolute most potent potions and products offered in the entire world, and this candle is no exception.

This candle is bound to Mammon and Sitri, whom have been known in the past to help provide opportunities and clarity to find channels to financial security and the ability to work as a team and as complimentary partners to grow an empire of wealth together.

Note* This candle ritual works on same sex couples as well.

How to use:

Carve the name of the two people in the relationship into the backs of each figure.

Light this candle for 3 minutes while saying the spell provided.

You will light this candle six days in a row.

You will need to bury the remnants of this candle in soil after it is done

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