The Order

Mind Ya Damn Business Potion


👀Do you have someone who is constantly minding your business for you?👂🏼Do you keep getting the scoop about your own life through others running mouths?

Do you have meddling family, friends, lovers or coworkers that are constantly trying to peep things they shouldn’t? 
Got some dirt or shade you need to cover up? 👀If so, this potion is for you!

This Demonically bound potion to High Royal Demon Orobas will get your target to fall uninterested and keep distracted away from your business and personal matters. 

How to use: Put 6 drops of potion on a black candle with your targets name on it and light for six minutes while explaining your intention to Orobas. Blow out candle after 6 minutes and discard in trash. 

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