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Naberius Build your Empire Invocation


💰 Naberius "Build an Empire" Invocation💰

🏰 7th Witch House is extremely proud to present to you the Naberius "Build an Empire" Invocation

💰Naberius is a highly celebrated Demon of the Royal Legion, and he is known for his incredible abilities in building empires and businesses. Restoring and building great reputations, fostering grand amounts of wealth, and helping give radiating bursts of creativity to find creative solutions to all things business and art.

🏰 If you want to make money in business, this is where it's at!

-Builds Empires and businesses

- Creativity in sales, or products
-Assist you in creating successful art projects through inspiration
-Helps in competitive wealth
-Restores and builds your reputation even if it has been tainted before others
-Helps create and grow businesses
-Helps you swing groups of people to your favor
-Persuade an individual to forgive you for a regretful situation
-Encourage others to believe you are trustworthy and kind when they come in contact with you
-Can assist with Necromancy
-Can improve your ability to perform divination
- Can make others want to spend money with you.

💰If you have not yet worked with Naberius yet, now is the time! You will receive his 7 day renewable spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke him.

🏰These are made with white gold plated pure silver and Moissanite.
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: Naberius "Build an Empire" Invocation
Main stones: Moissanite
Metals Type: White gold over Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: 925 Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Ring size: 10


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