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Naamah Invocation of Survival


Does fear hold you back from achieving your dreams?
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. For the first and only time ever, 20 Namaah invocation pieces are being released.
Naamah is the third aspect of Choronzon that is so powerful, she's not even addressed within the Introduction to Demonic Magick book.

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She is the aspect of wrath and survival that typically lays dormant until absolutely necessary. Namaah is a survivor. She was the forced wife of Noah, and knows how to cultivate life and beauty and riches out of nothing.

Naamah is a wild force of survival that will banish any of the fears that hold you back from greatness, success and riches. Naamah fears nothing, and is insecure about nothing. Naamah will put you on a path to everything you every desired.

She is so powerful of an invocation, that this is only a 24 hour renewable invocation. Because of her nature, you cannot fight while in invocation with her. She is beautiful, however because a survivor, she will throw hands if provoked. 😳

However 24 hours in invocation with her, is worth more than 10 years of acting and moving through life in fear and hesitation.

If you find yourself too tired or nervous or self sabotaging your greatness and success and ascension, then cut the nonsense and go into invocation with Namaah.

You will receive Namaah's spell of invocation and her sigil to be used with this necklace to invoke her.
These are made with Iridescent Swarovski Crystal and White Gold plated Sterling Silver.

Necklace Type: White Gold and Iridescent Swarovski Crystal
Main Stone: Iridescent Swarovski Crystal
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver, White Gold
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 2 carats
****Only the Silver/White Gold with Iridescent Swarovski Crystal option is available for this necklace****

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