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New Love Demonic Potion Kit

¥24,000 ¥63,900

💖 New Love Demonic Potion Kit 💖

Do you have your eye on someone romantically, but can’t seem to make them notice you? Do you wonder if this person has feelings for you too?  Do you desire to flirt with them or express your feelings, but lack the courage? 

Now’s you’re chance to take this budding romance into the stratosphere. 7th Witch House is bringing you 3 brand new potion sprays with all spell work done. No lightings needed! 
Spray and go boldly towards the object of your desire and make them yours!

This potion kit includes:

• “Catch A Hint:” Which will help make your target notice you and pick up on your flirtatious signals and interest.

• “Flirt:” Which will help you muster up the courage and charisma to speak to them and make advances toward them.

• “Reveal An Admirer:” Which will help uncover or reveal anyone in your life who has secret romantic feelings for you. 

• A geometric hard case heart 


This kit is unmistakably one of the best launches of the year! Currently on sale, and in very limited supply! Don’t miss out! 

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