The Order

Occult Warfare


This book is for the broken. This book is for those who sought protection and did not find it. This book is for those who prayed to a God that ignored them. This is for those who were forced to forgive in silence. This is for those who know what it is to be left to pick up the pieces of their shattered heart alone.

May this be the dawn of a new horizon. Through Demonic Magick you will find that it is Lucifer and his Demons who will protect you and deliver justice to those who mercilessly tried to break you. The 25 sacred Demonic curse rituals within this book will change your life and unlock possibilities for justice that prayers to an apathetic God could never compare to.

One day you will forget the pain you have endured. One day you will forget the tears you cried because through Demonic Magick you will have found true redemption. Take the first step in reclaiming your power by turning the first page and may you find hope and healing within the depths of your darkness.

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