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Orobas Invocation of Loyalty


Do you wish you had a loyal and adoring group of friends or team? Do you wish you could somehow stop all possible deception, betrayal and lies from those who claim to love you?

Then an invocation with Orobas is exactly what you need.
7th Witch House has designed for you this "Orobas Invocation of Loyalty”

This Invocation necklace is enchanted and bound to High Royal Demon Orobas! Orobas is one of the most respected and popular Demons of the Royal legion.

• Orobas is capable of helping you develop a strong and loyal group of friends, colleagues, and/or family.

• Orobas can help repair bonds that have been broken between you and your loved ones, or he can work to strengthen bonds that have just been made.

• Orobas can compel others to seek you out and want to be honest with you or renew their commitments of friendship, love or fidelity.

• Orobas can make people desire to be in your inner circle.

• Orobas can make you be able to hire or work alongside a great team of people who will not backstab you

• Orobas has been a major part of famous 7th Witch House Potions, such as: Build-A-Bond, Fidelity, Mean Girl, Confession, and Regeneration of Love.

This is one of our greatest invocation pieces their is to date. Do not miss this one.

You will receive Orobas's spell of invocation to be used with this necklace to invoke him.
These are made with Blue Sapphire and White Gold plated Sterling Silver.

Necklace Type: White Gold and Blue Sapphire
Main Stone: Blue Sapphire
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver, White Gold
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 3 carats
****Only the Silver/White Gold with Blue Sapphire option is available for this necklace****

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