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Osiris Invocation of Resurrection


Do you feel dead inside? Have you lost all ambition? Have you lost your love, creativity and lust for life? Do you have broken relationships and dreams?

7th Witch House has designed for you this Green Sapphire masterpiece called the "Osiris Invocation of Resurrection ”

This gorgeous Invocation necklace is enchanted and bound to High Royal, Egyptian Line Demon, Osiris.

Osiris is one of the most respected Demons of the Royal legion and one of the most well known figures in Egyptian History.

• Osiris is a cultivator, that can grow a host of things in locations and in people that are impossible to harvest from.

• Osiris is a teacher that invigorated minds and brought ideas and grand imagination and dreams to people who were once closed off and depressed or withdrawn.

•Osiris used can also resurrect people from the dead. However this invocation will be used to resurrect the living dead, and those near death.

•Osiris can cure major illnesses and begin rebirth in bodies once diseased.

• Osiris can help cure depression and bring people into a more elevated and stable mood during invocation.

•Osiris has been a major part of top potions such as “Lightning in a bottle, Resurrection, Visionary, Cultivation, Regeneration and Renaissance.”

Osiris can bring life into failed relationships and friendships.

This invocation can be used to resurrect life into a person who needs to be brought back to life and is swarmed by illness, negativity, failure, depression, or even just a block in creativity.

This invocation can make you feel renewed, brought back to life, and ready to take charge in creating new opportunities from your failures.

This is one of the greatest invocation pieces their is to date. Do not miss this one.

You will receive Osiris’s spell of invocation to be used with this necklace to invoke him.
These are made with Green Sapphire and White Gold plated Sterling Silver.

Only (30) of these have been made and when they are gone, they are GONE! These will not restock anytime in the near future.
Don’t miss out!
Necklace Type: White Gold and Green Sapphire
Main Stone: Green Sapphire
Side Stones: White Sapphire
Metals Type: Sterling Silver, White Gold
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: 3 carats
****Only the Silver/White Gold with Green Sapphire option is available for this necklace****

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