The Order

Paranoia Hex Potion


If you want your target to suffer sleepless nights and hilariously strong bouts of paranoia, then this is the hex potion for you! 

This potion bound to Glasya and Sabnock will make your target turn on all of their trusted family, friends, coworkers and allies and accuse them of plotting against them, theft, or worse. This potion will make your target feel like someone is constantly watching them and out to get them.

The natural unfolding of this process is the best because they will ostracize themselves, act like a lunatic, and begin to self destruct and physically deteriorate. They may begin talking and/posting online erratically as well! This will happen because all their energy will now be spent in a maddening obsession of the imagined conspiracy theories against them. 

How to Use: Carve your target's name on a black chime candle. Anoint the candle with 6 drops of the potion and light for 6 minutes. While the candle is lit, focus your intention into the flame. 

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