The Order

Rapture Diamond Line Set



In every rotation, the 7th is an embodiment of a living goddess. She possesses an unnatural beauty, unspeakable power, undeniable ability, and a fierce stronghold of the masses in any field she desires. 
To know her is to love her. To rival her is to wish for certain destruction.
She is able to maintain a whirlwind of both feminine and masculine power at will while speaking with eloquent charm. If she desired to, she is able to choose her sexual conquests from a gaggle of her begging harem rather than pining for their affections. 

She is free, able, strong, beautiful, confident, fluid, phenomenally wealthy, and dangerous beyond belief. She can shapeshift, and is fluid enough to fit any situation needed physicians mentally. 

With this potion set you will know what it feels like to possess her stimulating presence, and what it is to have the hypnotic power, wealth, beauty, and enchantment that is her life. 

You will receive: 

Rapture Diamond Potion
Rapture Potion Candle
Rapture Manifestation Matches
Rapture Invocation Ring
Rapture Ritual
Rapture Box

You will have all you need to feel the unsurpassable power that no one has ever been able to properly harness ever before. 

Works for both men and women just the same. 

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