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Rise Potion


7th Witch House is so proud to introduce “Rise.” 

The reality is that no one is immune to a burnout or fall. Being stable or balanced ‘all’ of the time is just a myth and with life’s variations, it happens more often than we’d like. And even though a burnout or failure is part of life’s learning process, the shame accompanied by it is sometimes more painful than the actual fall. This shame and embarrassment often holds us back from getting back up and trying again. 

That pain, exhaustion and fear of now being perfect or even acceptable can also prolong your feelings of burnout and depression, and inevitably cause isolation. 
If you know this feeling, we have your solution. Rise is made with a Demonically pleasing formula and ritual bound to The Choronzon and Guanyin to make you brave enough and compassionate enough to yourself to stand up and try to try again. 

When no one is around to pull you out of your valley, and when you can’t muster up the strength to go on, Rise can be your solution.

This is made to help you feel compassion for yourself and motivation to get moving again without dwelling on past mistakes or current setbacks. This will help you wake up and feel the electricity, creativity, and inertia to move beyond your comfort zone and Rise.


Instructions included. 

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