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Samael Invocation of Reputable Power


7th Witch House is proud to introduce the Samael Invocation of Reputable Power 👑

Do you wish to have a reputation of honor and respect from your peers and followers? Do you wish to have people place incredible trust and importance on everything you say? Would you like to greatly motivate and influence groups of people large and small? 

7th Witch House is so honored to bring you a solution in the Samael Invocation of Reputable Power!

Samael is well respected Demon of the Royal Legion from the line of the 7th. Samael is most skilled in influence, power, and preservation/advancement of reputation and position. Samael can even save and easily rebuild a damaged reputation and help you easily sway others opinions in any field. 

This invocation is great for both Men and Women, but additionally if needed, an invocation with Samael can greatly improve male infertility and erectile dysfunction. In women an invocation can greatly ignite competitive and sexual urges and tendencies. 

Most report feeling intense competitive feelings, intense power and charisma, energy rushes, bravery, and explosions of creativity and innovation during invocation. 

This invocation piece can be worn as a necklace or ring, and will come with the Invocation of Samael. 

Necklace type: Silver

Gemstone: Moissanite 

Don’t miss out on this phenomenal piece! 

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