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Side Chick Magick Potion


Unfortunately side chicks and sanchos happen. Don’t let it happen to you!

This potion is a protection AND hex oil for your relationship to protect it and your partner from outside interested people. Potentially interested people or side chicks and sanchos will quickly begin to lose interest in your lover.


If you know someone is a threat to your relationship you can put 6 drops on a black candle with the interfering targets’ name on it to make them start to lose interest and even be disgusted by the idea of sex with your mate.

You can also use it on a red chime candle with six drops anointed on the wick as General protection for your relationship. Inscribe both your names on the candle and anoint with the oil. You will then light the flame and stare with deep intent into the flame.

All spell work is done. Only activation and a refresh every 3 weeks is needed.

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