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Silver Female Figure Intention Candle


These potent 9 inch figure ritual candles are to be used on a female target, and are meant to be used with potions that require a silver candle.

Potions to used with this candle would cover anything from Naamah Potions, Diamond Line Potions, Lift the Veil, Full Throttle, Generational hex removal, Elite Boosters, and more!

These figure intention candles will give your spells at least 3 times the power, and you can use multiple potions on these candles as long as the target is the same every time and as long as those potions require a silver candle. 

This large figure candle is combined with demonic conduit potion to give you or your target a very concentrated shot of all of the phenomenal abilities of your potion of choice. 

Gender-wise, as always, do magick in the form you most closely identify with. 

To use: Inscribe your target’s name on the back of candle and light for the amount of time that your chosen potion calls for. 

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