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Sit, Stay, Beg: Demonic Obedience Potion

¥39,800 ¥59,700

Sit, Stay, Beg: Demonic Obedience Potion. 

7th Witch House is proud to introduce our phenomenally powerful new Demonic Obedience Potion, bound to the Royal Demons Amon and Ba’al.

This Black Diamond line potion specifically targets and softens even the most difficult and stubborn individuals, making them open and ready to submit and cater to the user’s needs and desires.

It also excels in transforming interactions across romantic, platonic, and professional spheres.

It breaks through the defenses of those with narcissistic tendencies, compelling them to lower their guards, engage more cooperatively, and be eager to please the user.

In scenarios where one feels unfairly treated, undervalued, unappreciated or exploited, "Sit, Stay, Beg" can reverse these dynamics, granting the user a newfound leverage to renegotiate terms and assert their needs more effectively.

By enhancing the user's influence, this potion creates opportunities for more equitable exchanges and mutual respect in relationships that were previously one-sided.

Whether dealing with a challenging boss, a difficult family member, or a self-absorbed partner, this potion provides a strategic advantage, redefining power balances and facilitating a more harmonious coexistence.

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