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Tired of having someone suck the life, money, time, and love out of you or a loved one? Sick of being a doormat to a lover but lack the confidence to show them the door? Do you need that extra push to leave them? Do you need a boost of confidence to know your self worth? Then this potion is for you! This will help give you or your target the bravery to end toxic cycles, relationships, jobs at toxic workplaces, and toxic friendships. This will help you leave them and find a replacement quickly.

 To use:

• Inscribe your first and last name on the side of a white chime candle. 
• Add 12 drops of this potion to the wick of the candle. 
• Candle will need to be lit for 12 minutes
• Light Candle and say: 

“Da mihi fortitudinem toxicus ad removendum omnibus circuitibus euacuatis atque toxicus de populo in nomine luciferi”

• After you say spell, imagine a cord being cut between you and all toxic people, cycles and relationships. 

• Remain staring at flame for the rest of the 12 minutes.

• After 12 minutes, blow out candle and discard candle.

• This is preferably done on Monday or Wednesday evenings. 

Once a week for 4 weeks straight is recommended. No need to use again until a new toxic relationship or issue arises 

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