The Order

The Order Demonic Binding Potion


Do you know someone incredibly unstable who wants to hurt you, themselves or others? This unmatchable binding Potion will wrap up someone dangerous so that they are unable to cause harm for 72 hours at a time. Magickally, physically, or otherwise. 

This Potion attached to Naamah and The 7th is untraceable and unmatched in every single type of magickal practice, including angelic magick. 

This Potion will keep you, your loved ones, and your clients from immediate harm. 

Examples of usage: 
• This can be used to keep your kids safe from untrustable people out of your sight

• This can be used to keep you, you whom you choose to protect safe from physical, mental or magickal harm

• This can be used to disable someone from being able to fight off or retaliate before you hex them. 

• This can be used to stop an unstable person from hurting themselves. 

This Potion is absolutely unmatched in power and only takes 6 drops on a black chime candle for 6 minutes to give you its full effects for 72 hours at a time! 

This Potion is limited edition so buy it now! 

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