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Triple Diamond Demonic Offering Candle

¥16,200 ¥28,300

The Triple Diamond Demonic Offering Candle by the 7th Witch House, priced at $100, is a sophisticated and powerful tool designed for those who wish to establish or enhance their spiritual connections. This offering conduit is perfectly suited for altars dedicated to patrons, ancestors, Lucifer, Choronzon, or any demon one desires to work with. It serves as an immediate, universal offering conduit, facilitating a deeper bond between the practitioner and the spiritual entity.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each candle is housed in a high-quality, engraved concrete container, adding a touch of elegance and permanence. The 10 oz candle is infused with a luxurious Rose Vertiver scent, creating a soothing ambiance conducive to spiritual practices. To personalize and enrich the offering, practitioners are encouraged to adorn the candle with minerals or gems, making each piece uniquely theirs and further enhancing the spiritual connection.

Designed for longevity, the candle promises 60 hours of burn time, making it a long-term fixture for one's spiritual or ritualistic endeavors. It is especially beneficial during other ritual works involving the dedicated demon, as lighting the candle can significantly accelerate and amplify the effects of these practices.

Accompanying the candle is a dedicated ritual, meticulously crafted to deepen the connection between the practitioner and the chosen demon. This ritual ensures that the offering is not only a gesture of respect and honor but also a profound spiritual engagement.

With its luxury custom packaging, the Triple Diamond Demonic Offering Candle stands as a testament to the 7th Witch House's commitment to quality and spiritual efficacy. It is advised to dedicate one candle per demon to maintain the purity and focus of the offering.

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