The Order

Vepar Invocation of Affliction


The insatiable Vepar Invocation of Affliction was made and demonically bound so that you could represent and invoke Royal Demon Vepar.

Vepar is the Demon bound to Fall from Grace, and multiple other highest ranking hexes. 

Along with the uncanny ability to make you appear in your best light inside and out no matter your intention, Vepar is able to take down individuals and empires alike. Vepar can strike while untraceable and keep pointed fingers away from you. 
Vepar can restore your reputation while breaking others and dole out justice to those full of disrespect.

Vepar can make you appear as head of the pack while making the competition “Fall from Grace.” 

This invocation comes with a demonic incognito ritual, as well as the Vepar Invocation of Affliction.

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