The Order

You Belong to Me Body Scrub


You Belong To Me Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub is a very unique blend of one of the most elite love potions in the line.
This scrub is to be bound to you and will make anyone with direct access with you fall into an intoxicating and loyal obsession with you. This can make your target far more interested in sex, dream of you, and desire to latch on or come together with you in a deep connection. This can also cut fights in their tracks and help remind your target/partner about their deep feelings for you.

Works wonderfully along side the You Belong To Me Potion.
This Bali Rose scented sugar scrub is attached to 6 of the best love and persuasion Demons is a wonderful and powerful tool to use in times where a full ritual is not possible or practical, such as a vacation and/or visiting your target’s home.

1 scoop/scrub per week is all that is needed for a weeks worth’s of effects. Use as desired.

Sugar scrub is all organic and comes in 4oz jars. Use at your own risk.

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