100 Hour Demonic Magick Challenge

Today I would like to challenge you to devote 100 hours
to developing or improving a complex skill. This can include but is not limited to learning a new language, playing a sport, dancing, cooking, or playing an instrument.

With that said, 100 hours is not necessarily the final goal. But it is a good milestone where you should have developed a solid level of competence in your chosen skill by the end. And from there, you can decide whether to continue mastering it or move on to learning something else.

What is the reason for 100 hours? You may have heard that it takes approximately 10,000 hours to master a skill or that it is possible to acquire any skill within 20 hours.

Well, it depends on how good you wish to become. There is a massive distinction between being able to perform a skill and becoming proficient at it. The amount and type of practice required for each goal are different.

I've chosen 100 hours because it is a substantial amount of time to get significantly good at most things, even without Demonic Magick. With that said, this challenge is about using Demonic Magick to speed up the learning curve and achieve a higher level of proficiency in your skill than you would have through practice alone.

If it takes around 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of a skill, imagine how much time you could cut that down by using Prodigy or Master Your Craft?

On the other hand, how good do you think you could get after a mere 20 hours with Demonic Magick?

Chances are likely by the time you finish the 100-hour challenge, you will achieve a high level of expertise in your craft!

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I find your proposal very interesting. When would you be available, and what do I need to start this challenge?

MARTIN TAMEZ March 17, 2023

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