Agares: The Demon of Knowledge and Communication

Agares is a Demon who is known for assisting with learning various subjects and improving communication skills. He is also known for his ability to diminish an individual's power and influence in Magick, making him a force to be reckoned with.

Agares is especially helpful for those who struggle with procrastination or indecision. He motivates individuals to take action and overcome any obstacles that may be holding them back. Additionally, he has the power to sway people who have left your home to return, making him a valuable ally in situations of loss or separation.

One of Agares' most notable abilities is his ability to force people to be honest with you. This can be incredibly useful in a variety of situations, particularly in matters of the heart. He can also protect you from harm and heartbreak, providing a shield of protection that can help you avoid negative experiences and emotional turmoil.

For those who are seeking love and commitment, Agares can be a valuable ally. He has the power to force a lover to be faithful, ensuring that your relationship remains strong and secure. Whether you are looking to deepen your connection with your current partner or find a new love, Agares can help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, Agares is a powerful demon who can help you in a variety of ways. Whether you are seeking to improve your communication skills, overcome procrastination, or protect yourself from harm and heartbreak, Agares is an excellent ally to have by your side. So if you are looking for guidance and support, don't hesitate to call upon this powerful Demon.

Article written by Rin Otori

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