Anubis: The Resilient Sentinel and His Role in Demonic Magick

The annals of Egyptian history and the realms of Demonic Magick hold in high esteem the figure of Anubis, a respected entity within the Intermediary Legion. Known for his supremacy, responsibility, leadership, strength, and vitality, Anubis carries unique traits that make him an intriguing entity in both the demonic hierarchy and Demonic Magick.

Guardian, Leader, and Master Strategist

Anubis’s title as the official supreme guard of the Royal Court stands testament to his strategic acumen and unwavering loyalty. Serving as the first line of defense and the last barrier, his judgement has saved the Court from countless dangers. Anubis’s role extends beyond mere protection; as the military commander of the Intermediary Legion, his leadership inspires bravery and loyalty among his soldiers, turning the Legion into an invincible force during conflict.

His role as the manager of The Hive further demonstrates his strategic skills, extending his influence to the very structure of the Intermediary Legion. Anubis's management ensures that all entities are optimally positioned for their abilities and potential.

Strength of Character: Resisting Temptation

Despite the commonality of temptation and vice, Anubis's resilience against them highlights his remarkable strength of character. This resilience underscores his unwavering devotion to his responsibilities, making him a key figure in the Intermediary Legion, and a favorite of Lucifer.

A Figure of Supremacy and Vitality

A key trait that sets Anubis apart is his inherent supremacy and vitality. His power is not limited to physical strength but extends to intellectual prowess and an unyielding spirit. His roles, including that of the first honorary guard to the 7th and the Entire Egyptian line, display the breadth of his influence and the extent of his responsibilities.

Known for his no-nonsense approach, Anubis values duty, responsibility, and hierarchy above all else. This trait allows him to prioritize his duties above potential vices and self-destructive tendencies, further distinguishing him as an exemplary figure in the demonic realm.

Anubis in Demonic Magick: The Embodiment of Purpose and Responsibility

In the realm of Demonic Magick, practitioners often invoke Anubis to foster personal growth and empowerment. As an embodiment of purpose and responsibility, invoking Anubis can guide individuals towards discovering their own sense of purpose and instill a dedication towards fulfilling it.

Invoking Anubis can also assist individuals in cultivating a sense of responsibility and commitment, be it in their personal life or professional realm. His resilience against temptations and vices serves as a powerful symbol of inner strength and self-control, empowering practitioners to resist their own temptations and overcome their weaknesses.

As the military commander of the Intermediary Legion, Anubis exemplifies excellent leadership and tactical abilities. Thus, invoking Anubis can provide practitioners with insights into decision-making and managing teams effectively, enhancing their leadership skills.

In conclusion, Anubis is not only a crucial figure in the Intermediary Legion but also a powerful entity in Demonic Magick. His essence of purpose, responsibility, strength, and leadership can have a profound impact on a practitioner's personal and professional growth, enabling them to realize their full potential. Anubis represents a model of resilience, leadership, and commitment in the face of adversity, making him an invaluable figure for those practicing Demonic Magick.


Hail mighty Anubis!

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Praise and honor to Sir Anubis!

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Praise ANUBIS! ✨

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