Under the Spell of the Skies: How Astrology Enhances Demonic Practices

 Astrology has a complex relationship with the field of demonic magick. This article aims to shed light on how astrology complements demonic magick, enhancing the practitioner's understanding and effectiveness in rituals, spells, and invocations.


 Astrological Timing is NOT Everything. But It Can Help.


Demonic magick is generally effective regardless of any astrological scenario. Therefore, it is advised for the novice practitioner not to overcomplicate things with astrology. 

If you have magick to do, there's no reason to hold off due to a moon phase or because mercury is retrograde. 

With that said, each planet governs particular aspects of life and resonates with specific energies. Aligning your magickal workings with planetary movements can amplify your intentions. 

For this reason, being aware of opportune times for your magick to hit harder than usual is advantageous. 


For example:


Moon Phases: 


  • New Moon in Scorpio: Ideal for workings related to transformation or unlocking secrets.
  • Full Moon in Aries: Potent for summoning energies of motivation, courage, or initiation.
  • Waxing Moon in Cancer: Excellent for emotional healing, nurturing spells, or working with entities that provide emotional support and care.
  • Waning Moon in Capricorn: Ideal for banishing negative energies, breaking bad habits, or working with demons who help in mastering discipline and structure.


Planetary Positions:

  • Mercury in Gemini: This is a potent time for spells involving communication, intellect, or summoning entities known for their wisdom and knowledge.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius: Great for workings related to expansion, growth, and good fortune; may also be used to invoke benevolent, teacher-like entities.
  • Saturn in Capricorn: Perfect for long-term planning, creating boundaries, or seeking entities that offer mastery over the material realm.

Zodiac Cusps:

  • Pisces-Aries Cusp: A unique energy mix suitable for combining intuitive insights with actionable plans or working with demons that bridge the spiritual and material worlds.
  • Libra-Scorpio Cusp: Useful for workings involving justice and transformation and breaking ancestral curses. 


## Zodiac Signs: A Personal Connection


Each individual's natal chart, a snapshot of the sky at the time of their birth, can offer insights into which demons they may naturally resonate with. For instance, a person with a strong Pluto in their chart may find a more straightforward connection with those related to transformation, such as Choronzon or Hecate. 


## Ecliptic and Retrograde: Special Celestial Events


### Ecliptic Events

Solar and lunar eclipses are rare and powerful astrological events. In demonic magick, these could serve as opportune times for more significant workings, given the heightened energies.


### Retrograde Periods

Planets in retrograde (appearing to move backward in their orbit) symbolize a time for reflection and internal work. These periods can be ideal for shadow work and introspection in the context of demonic magick.


## Astrology as a Diagnostic Tool


Astrology can serve as a framework for understanding your challenges or obstacles. Knowing the planetary influences affecting you can guide you toward specific demons or spells that could help you navigate the issue.



## Cautions and Considerations

While the blend of astrology and demonic magick offers rich, multifaceted insights, it's essential to remember that astrological influences are not deterministic. They offer tendencies and potentials, not set-in-stone outcomes. Additionally, the complexity of this blend requires a thorough understanding of both astrology and demonic magick, necessitating ongoing study and respect for both fields.


The integration of astrology into demonic magick adds a layer of depth, precision, and personalization to your practice. Understanding the interplay of astrological events, planetary positions, and zodiac signs with demonic magick can enrich your magickal workings, offering a harmonious blend of cosmic and infernal energies. This synthesis allows practitioners to navigate their path with more knowledge, potency, and natural alignment. 


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