Banishing in Luciferianism

In this article, we shall explore the concept of banishing within the context of Luciferianism. By understanding its history, philosophy, and practical applications, we can unlock the transformative potential of banishing rituals and techniques. 

Unveiling Luciferianism: Luciferianism, as a belief system, embraces the light-bearing aspect of Lucifer, at its core, it promotes self-mastery and the pursuit of personal growth through magical practices.

The Concept of Banishing:

Banishing, in the realm of Luciferianism, is a ritualistic act aimed at dispelling negativity, limiting beliefs, and obstructive energies from one's psyche and environment. It serves as a vital tool for self-transformation and clearing the path towards personal empowerment.

Within the Luciferian framework, banishing takes on a unique perspective. It aligns with the Luciferian philosophy of challenging external authority and internal limitations to cultivate personal liberation. By banishing negative influences, self-doubt, and societal conditioning, practitioners strive to awaken their divine potential and forge their own paths.

The most common and accessible banishing ritual used by the order is the Seal of the Seventh. 

Banishing rituals offer a range of benefits within Luciferianism. By liberating oneself from self-imposed limitations and external influences, practitioners can experience increased self-awareness, enhanced intuition, and a greater sense of personal power. Banishing clears the path for new opportunities and fosters an environment conducive to spiritual growth.

However, it is essential to approach banishing with mindfulness and balance. Overemphasis on banishing can lead to isolation or an overzealous pursuit of individualism, potentially alienating practitioners from constructive relationships and communal experiences. It is crucial to strike a harmonious balance between banishing and other magical practices, fostering interconnectedness without surrendering personal sovereignty.

Integration with Other Magickal Practices:

Banishing rituals can complement other magical practices within Luciferianism, such as invocations and evocations.  By incorporating banishing as a preliminary step, practitioners create a purified and receptive mental and energetic space, maximizing the effectiveness of subsequent rituals. This integration enhances the practitioner's ability to manifest their desires, and deepen their connection with demons they are attempting to make contact with. 


This is an amazing article.

erik May 15, 2023

I lived thus article. It did give me a sense of clarity regarding luciferianisn.

Constantine May 15, 2023

Wow! Thank you so much for explaining Luciferianism Banishing! I did not know that Seal of The Seventh can do all that! The ritte helps with growth and get ride of negative thinking and energy. This is a must for all of us to do at least daily. Thank you so much brother for this very important article! Love you brother.

Tommy Le May 15, 2023

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