Beelzebub - 4th Crowned Prince of Hell

Christians know him as the Angel of Death, but his true identity is Beelzebub, 4th Crowned Prince of Hell. This Demon has a significant role in Lucifer's legion but also within the entire cosmos. If you haven't met Beelzebub, you can count on meeting him eventually. Most likely, it will be at the moment of death. This is because Beelzebub is tasked with scooping up the souls of those who pass away and guiding them towards their final destination in the afterlife. 

If you've ever seen people recap their near-death experiences on television, where people either die for a very brief period or manage to come back to life after being on the brink of death, many of them mention seeing some sort of being show up.

The majority believe this to be an Angel, but it is usually Beelzebub doing his work. 

As you can imagine, Beelzebub is extremely busy. However, he still manages to find the time to bring death when called upon by casting some of the most insidious curses known to man. Naturally. he has been a staple and favorite of many seeking Magickal solutions for revenge or dealing with enemies decisively. 

He does expect offerings when being called upon for help. It is customary to provide this in good faith before the petition is granted. Blood, sex, weapons, and precious metals are some of his favorites.

Suppose you would like to go for something more original. In that case, Beelzebub will be very pleased with physical items containing a bee design or his personal Demonic Pendant

He is known to appear as a man around 7 feet in height with dark hair and eyes during a full evocation. His complexion will be tan, and he is broadly framed. However, he is most likely to show his presence in the form of Bees, as well as moths or other flying insects. 




Praise, love and honor to Prince Beelzebub

Constantine Isidienu March 28, 2024


erik November 27, 2023


erik November 27, 2023

I love Beelzebub. His name showed up on a music channel across the tv. He is amazing.Then the next day I went to work and he showed up as a bee. I knew it was him telling me he’s with me. Hail Beelzebub!

Tracey Henderson June 24, 2021

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