Belial: The First Crowned Prince of Hell

Belial, the First Crowned Prince of Hell, is an entity known for his ability to aid individuals in acquiring power in various aspects of life, such as social, professional, or political circles. He is often invoked by individuals who seek to advance their careers and quickly attain a higher rank within their organization.

However, Belial is not just a simple entity that can grant one's wishes. He is also known to bring a person's deepest vulnerabilities to the surface, forcing them to confront and overcome their fears and insecurities. This process of tearing someone down and rebuilding them into a supreme version of themselves is a hallmark of Belial's influence.

One of the most notable abilities of Belial is his ability to force anyone to act against their will. He can make masses admire and follow someone without question. In this sense, Belial can make anyone be under the control of the person who has invoked him.

In conclusion, Belial is a powerful Demon that can grant individuals immense power and influence. However, it is essential to approach him with caution and to understand the consequences. Those who seek to work with Belial must be prepared to undergo a transformative process that will tear them down and rebuild them into a supreme version of themselves.


Hail Belial 🖤

Laura Hernandez November 07, 2023

Praise and honor to Belial!

Cas October 24, 2023


Erik August 10, 2023


Erik August 10, 2023

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