Why Black Magick Sometimes Fails

Sometimes when Black Magick fails, the cause is a weak desire. Chances are the Demon heard you, but a weak desire only shows you are not truly invested. In such a case, why would the Demon even bother?

Approach every petition as if you are proposing to a potential investor. Approaching an investor with an apathetic pitch would never allow you to be taken seriously. A weak desire is incapable of accomplishing anything worthwhile.

A Strong Desire is Vital For Black Magick

With that said, even a strong desire is prone to failure if spread out too thin or pulled in different directions. It’s crucial to be crystal clear on exactly what you want, what it would take to get it, and perhaps more importantly, understand why you want it in the first place. This will help prevent you from doing Magick for things you might only end up regretting later. Let’s analyze the true nature of desire.

Desire is what fuels the soul. It is the energy that helps us navigate through our environment. Through experience, the soul learns to gravitate towards situations it finds pleasurable and move away from situations it considers painful. This essentially sums up how we operate in life.

Virtually all of our desires can be traced back to 3 primary hereditary drives. These naturally originate within our souls. These drives are so strong they can never truly be repressed and must be appropriately channeled. At the lowest level of expression, they reflect our animalistic nature. But properly directed, they can be used as fuel for spiritual development and mastery over life.

1. Significance: This is the oldest of all desires. It is fueled by the natural instinct to survive and to be something. The desire for significance is not only the most profound desire but perhaps the most powerful of all desires. As long as we live, the soul will never truly relinquish the desire to be significant.

2. Self-preservation: From the moment the soul commenced its cyclic journey, the desire for self-preservation has been hardwired in its system. The reason for this is simple. If the drive for self-preservation is weak, the individual soon dies.

3. Reproduction/ Lust: Human beings naturally inherit the drive to have sex and reproduce.

Naturally, we can easily take this further and branch out into different subcategories of desire, such as security, love, wealth, etc. But you’ll see that all of these things can be traced back to these three hereditary drives.

No-one can stop the Desire for Significance, the Desire for Self Preservation, and the Desire for Reproduction from being released. The pressure of repressed desires over time eventually explodes out into negative expressions like neurosis, mental instability, and basically creepy-ass behavior.

Black Magick is not evil 

Giving in to our desires is not evil. It is necessary. The key is to find a proper channel of expression, allowing us to ride our desires toward our path of ascension instead of having our desires ride us.

How is this done? By using Black Magick strategically for a higher purpose and directing our will to transmute lower animalistic drives into positive energy. For example, a negative drive for significance is the animalistic nature of having no regard for the rights or feelings of others. Doing whatever is necessary and destroying anything in its path to gain selfish power. However, this can easily be transmuted by conditioning ourselves to take pleasure and gain our significance by contributing to the welfare of others.

An animalistic drive for self-preservation is also a complete disregard for others. Greed, Theft, Narcissism, are all negative forms of the drive for self-preservation. Instead, transmute this into productive energy towards building wealth and security through appropriate means. Increasing intelligence, fitness, and maintaining other healthy habits that will improve your lifespan are all great channels for this.

An animalistic reproductive drive expresses itself through sexual harassment, porn addictions, or unhealthy sexual practices and perversions. People in a loving relationship or with a sexual partner already have a positive channel to express this desire through. However, it is also worth mentioning that this is a creative energy that can be channeled into other expressions such as art, writing, inventions, and other constructive efforts.

- Rin Otori


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Gregory March 15, 2021

Hey yes my magic isn’t doing well lately I recently had my heart broken so my desire isn’t in it as it use to be , I need some guidance to how I can get back on track I’m lost please help !

Maryann Mastrovincenzo February 05, 2021

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