Buer: The Demon of Healing and Protection

Buer is a powerful Demon in the realm of the occult, and is often called upon for his ability to aid in healing and rehabilitation. He is known for his ability to help with a wide range of ailments, both physical and mental, and is considered a valuable ally for those seeking to overcome illness, injury, and addiction.

One of Buer's most notable abilities is his ability to aid in the healing of pets. Whether your pet is suffering from a physical injury or a behavioral issue, Buer can help guide them on the path to recovery. He is also known for his ability to assist with mental problems, including addiction and negative thoughts about oneself.

In addition to his healing abilities, Buer is also a powerful ally in the realm of protection. He can help you navigate obstacles in your path and provide you with the discernment you need to avoid danger. He is also known for his ability to provide rapid recovery from trauma, reducing or subsiding negative thoughts and perceptions about yourself.

Buer is also associated with astral projection, providing protection from harm while you explore the astral plane. He is known for his ability to protect against enemies, offering a shield of safety and security to those who call upon him.

In conclusion, Buer is a powerful Demon with a wide range of abilities that can benefit those seeking healing, protection, and guidance. Whether you are struggling with physical or mental issues, or simply seeking to navigate the challenges of life, Buer is a valuable ally to have on your side. With his help, you can find the healing and strength you need to overcome any obstacle and achieve your goals.

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Great article about an ancient daemonic ally that should be far more well known than he is. Honor to Gamor.

Adam February 16, 2023

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