Dantalion - Demon of Insight

Do you find yourself wondering what someone thinks or feels about you? We all occasionally come across others we can't seem to figure out. In these situations, the Demon Dantalion is a perfect solution. Dantalion is known for his incredible ability to read people like a book and quickly uncover their feelings or thoughts about a person or particular situation.

This can be quite useful for a variety of different situations. For example, someone might be interested in another romantically but are reluctant to pursue them due to uncertainty about the other's feelings. Or perhaps you are dealing with a client and aren't sure they are happy with the service provided and if they will continue with you long-term. Or maybe you are not sure if your job is secure at work and need to "check the temperature" of your employer.

If you discover something negative, he can also help change their feelings about you or a situation. There really is no shortage of practical uses for Dantalion's expertise.

This Demon is also an incredible personal investigator. Suppose you suspect you are being lied to, cheated on, deceived, or spoken badly of behind your back. In that case, Dantalion can bring you the clarity you seek through visions. For those looking for romance and pleasure, Dantalion is the perfect wingman. He is phenomenal at turning any causal encounter into something sexual or romantic. And by any casual encounter, I truly mean—any. Dantalion happens to be one of the few Demons that can actually change someone's sexual orientation.

Lastly, Dantalion is a huge proponent of fidelity and can be petitioned to help enforce it by actively monitoring your partner.

When evoking Dantalion, he will usually appear as a man around 6 ft tall with black hair, blue eyes, and light skin. He is known to have a heavy physique but often appears in different forms. It is always recommended to have his pendant and provide a blood offering when petitioning Dantalion. Other offerings he is known to like include sexual offerings, honeysuckle, money, whiskey, and saliva.

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